Friday, March 26, 2010


SNSD, girls generation was introduced to me by Jamie! i just watched their videos and omg, they are so so hot/cute. i've always like korean guys and girls but this group of girls are really good loooking and the videos are good too. i didnt like super juniors the guys version of this many many people in a group kinda thing. i think its a new style because good singers are getting lesser therefore more people have to be in a group or is it because they are trying to be different? im not sure but i like them as far as i'm concerned.

from the prettiest to the least prettiest which is still very pretty....omg.. i feel old and ugly.. all of them are around 20 only!

super hot right all of them...!hmmpphh...their hair colour makes me wanna dye my hair again which i dont think i should since i'm in sem 9, impression is really important....sigghh

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 days of happiness ....wont be so happy after all.
i shall mourn for the fatty bom who have obstructive sleep apnoea leading to cor pulmonale
is obstructive sleep apnoea so important when he is already in heart failure? =(
luckily the paper wasnt too difficult and i passed my minor posting exams! i did okay when i didnt even put in any effort.. why does it seems like i have to dont care to get better grades?
"life's like this...thats the way it is..." Avril Lavigne

should i get the Chanel earrings? so tempted to....hmmpphh...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Granny's 93rd birthday!

my granny is 93, alive healthy and still super smart! she knows everything that is going on and what has happened in the past. she is still as generous as ever and her favourite hobby is mahjong! she'll come out with many many excuses not to leave the mahjong table. i only started staying with my granny about 4 to 5 years back? she had a fall and fractured her neck of femur. since then, she is staying in my house because there's no one to take care of her in her house.
i'm actually not very close to her because since young i only see her once in two weeks or one month. as for my cousins, they actually stay with her in her house so they are much closer to her than me and my sisters. its funny sometimes we dont have much to talk about because we are not close. whatever it is, she is still my old cheeky granny!! =) Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My first accident

In my whole 6 years of driving, this is the first time i actually hit someone's car.

the best thing is i was driving my sister's car! it was raining so heavily and the man infront of me at a T-junction didnt know how to move his car! there were no cars at all, he moved a bit so i thought he left. Just when i turn back after checking once more if there's any car, i realise he was STILL there. omg. i couldn't stop in time and hit his car. he was driving a MYVI. He made me pay him RM 30 for a drop of black paint from my car on his bumper. erghh! luckily my friend was with me! thanks jamie!! she really helped me out a lot that time!! the man wanted RM50 at first. luckily she bargain with him. we didnt get down the car because it was raining so heavily. i thought if the myvi was fine i guess honda city should be fine too right? since its a better car than myvi or i thought it was more tough than myvi from its outer looks.

when i reached my friend's house, i got down the car expecting a small chip of paint from the car. OMG. i nearly fainted when i saw the BIG FAT HUGE dent on the bumper of my sister's car. luckily the workshop man manage to save it and i dont have to change the whole bumper, which will cause me a BIG hole in my already torn pocket.

now the car is fine and my pocket is still fine! =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

get out of my life bitch!

sometimes people around you can really irritate you like hell! what is their damn problem when people are paying for the dinner and you making a big fuss about it? if you are so clever, PAY for the dinner. blardy bitch only knows how to complain but if i ask you to pay u will blardy hell shut your ugly BIG mouth okay. complaining about the food? you are lucky that we even invited you. do you even know how much each table cost? if u can pay that kind of money then i will let you talk as much as you can until you die. you only knows how to take and dont know how to give. that is probably why you are alone now! good for you. the food is better there? why dont you go there for dinner and not join us? i will be so thankful for that. are you so poor that you dont even get to eat at the other place which i am so bored of eating there already. i really dont understand why do you behave in this way. disgusting. i dont even respect you at all, you disgusting piece of shit!

get out of my life!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hard time

its semester 9 now, the final year of medical school. i thought everyone enjoys the last year of their university days with their friends. i guess this will be different in medical school. everyone will be so busy with all the work given to us to do and study, we will hardly have anytime left to sleep! lucky for me i started with internal medicine, there's no need to cover ward. next will be gynae! =(

i just want to pass semester 9 and go to semester 10. hopefully i will graduate on time in Feb 2011. i have so many plans to travel around! my sister's wedding is on oct 2010. i hope i will be able to get my dresses and help her with her wedding plans as well even though it might be quite impossible since my sem 9 exams will be in august, about 2 months away from the wedding. omg!

Japan here i come in August after my sem 9 exams. it'll be my last trip with my two sisters alone before my sister gets married. aww...the house will be so different without her. hmmpph. her house is just 5 minutes drive from my house but it'll still be different! i get to use her room as my closet!! *means i get to buy more clothes this year! * big smiles!

i'm so bored. i am suppose to do my TBL. i'm just too lazy to complete it now. medicolegal ethics? can die! =P